Darling, I don’t know what to wear! – A passionate plea for classic wedding attire

The wedding season is fast approaching. Everyone is stressed, almost every weekend booked, and the pressure to say ‘yes’ to each other seems to grow from wedding to wedding. For me, however, as a clothing autist, worse than all of this is the fact that people dress so bizarrely for the ‘most important day of their life’. A plague on the houses of those salespeople who dress their customers in those carnival costumes! On the day of one’s wedding, one should only wear only the best the civilized world has to offer. And, pray tell, what is better than a good suit?  You are correct! Two good suits.

Morning – Time for the Morning Suit

The americanisation of our society is irksome to me. Most offensive is the sight of seven or more colour-coordinated groomsmen. They remind me of the seven dwarfs on their way home from work – Heigh Ho! Colourful braces and pre-tied bow ties are worn without jackets while overly short trousers remain popular. The thought alone leads to spontaneous Herbis – see also vomit bag, please! and philistine, ahoy!

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s home from work we go!

Anyone familiar with this journal will hopefully have recognised that I am far from being a dictator on dress. However, sometimes it simply will not do to mince words. It is never appropriate to dress to look funny!

What, then, should one wear? A morning suit, please! Black oxfords, grey striped trousers, pearl grey, beige, or coloured double or single-breasted waistcoat, eggshell-coloured shirt and a suit in black. Top Hat should – in my opinion – be black. However, as a guest, grey is alright. Ties can be used to provide a dash of colour. Please, try not to be ridiculous. You will find that this is not that difficult. Still unsure? Perhaps peruse my article on dressing for Ascot – not exactly comparable, but it will provide a solid foundation. My recommendations for pros are below.

In the evening – black and eggshell

The day is almost over. The pastor has offered his condolences and off we go to McDonald’s! Chicken McNuggets for everyone! Everyone gets their choice of sauce and a crown. This and nothing else would be the appropriate culinary accompaniment to the average evening wear at German weddings.

Simple elegance!

Please wear a dinner suit. Whether two- or three-piece is a matter of taste – more information can be found in my article series on Black Tie. The question of whether a tailcoat is appropriate is a good one. Answer: It depends! If done incorrectly, it has something of I want to go Disney on Ice. With an evening suit, you will certainly outshine the average guest and will put a smile (the last until after the honeymoon) on your partner’s face.

Recommendations in Germany …


Purwin & Radczun – Bespoke Berlin

Kathrin Emmer – Bespoke Potsdam

Robert Vogdt – MTM Berlin

Crazy boy in Neukölln – MTM Berlin


Korbinian Ludwig Hess –Bespoke shoemaker Berlin

Atelier Leonard Kahlcke – Shoe designer and last maker Frankfurt


Herr von Welt – Online shop Berlin

Recommendations in the UK …


Edward Sexton – Bespoke and MTM London

Gieves & Hawkes – Bespoke and MTM London

Chittleborough & Morgan – Bespoke London

Davies & Son – Bespoke London

Steven Hitchcock – Bespoke London

Huntsman – Bespoke, MTM, RTW London

Dege & Skinner – Bespoke London

Kent, Haste & Lachter – Bespoke London

Savvy Row – Vintage Durham

Turnbull & Asser – Bespoke shirtmaker London


George Cleverley – Bespoke and RTW London

Gaziano & Girling – Bespoke and RTW London


Lock & Co – Hatter London

Bates Hats – Hatter London


Turnbull & Asser – London

Further information

First, Prince Charles has been known to wear a morning suit and waistcoat in black with silk piping – very elegant! Second, as always, eBay and look for Vintage! Third, these recommendations are from my personal experience and therefore not exhaustive. DC/MM


Maximilian Mogg

Kreativdirektor & Chefredakteur

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